Industry Solutions

The biggest role of being a true technology “partner” is understanding the needs of our clients, and those needs will vary greatly from one industry to another. At Heritage Business Systems, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your business and what unique demands come with your profession. Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your business operations, and that can’t be accomplished if we’re pitching the same solution up and down the street. Different businesses have different needs, and smart office solutions should be specific to your business requirements.







Solutions for Accounting and Finance

Financial institutions and accounting firms need the ability to manage their data effectively. Businesses that rely solely on hard copies often have rising costs and storage space issues. In addition, they run the risk of losing client data or allowing it to fall into the wrong hands, which could possibly bear legal consequences. Heritage Business Systems helps keep your client data secure and organized. Our office equipment also gives you the capability of converting your documents into a variety of digital formats and sending to the correct person or location with ease. We take the time to understand the specific demands of the financial industry, and our workflow specialists have a variety of solutions available to help you create a compliant environment while improving customer service.

How Document Management Can Help

Automating your document workflows can save valuable time and resources. Implementing a document management system will allow you to archive considerable amounts of information in a relatively short amount of time. Our scanning solutions will also enable you to capture and distribute information more efficiently.

Data and Print Security

The financial industry is well regulated with a plethora of government regulations and requirements when it comes to handling documents and client data. The protection of personal information is paramount to your success and legal liability. Allowing information to be lost or to fall in the wrong hands can potentially have devastating repercussions. Our security solutions will secure your data and implement protocols to prevent having confidential information sitting on a printer tray or on an unsecured hard drive of your office equipment. Some things shouldn’t be left to chance. Don’t wait to create a secure printing environment in your office.

Solutions for Education

Schools face unique challenges when it comes to managing their documents and the overwhelming flow of information. Having reliable multifunction devices that produce sharp images is great, but it isn’t enough. As an education institution you need to control your expenses, protect your information, backup your data, and have authentication parameters set for your devices. And if your printing isn’t monitored, there is enormous potential for wasteful and inefficient printing practices to drive up your cost. Storage can also be an issue if your institution needs to keep records on past students for a pre-determined number of years. We understand the challenges that schools face and provide document solutions with educators in mind.

Improve Your Document Workflow & Security

An educational institution that lacks accountability is destined for issues. That not only holds true with the students but also with the printing practices of the faculty. Our document solutions allow users and departments to authenticate to their multifunction device in a number of different ways. The print and copy usage can then be tracked and regulated, depending on the parameters established by your administration. We also carry software and apps that allow you to scan and store documents to an online repository, reducing the need for paper storage.

Teaching Assistant

Kyocera has become an industry leader in software that will integrate with your device to improve your workflow. “Teaching Assistant” is an app that streamlines the grading process and serves as cost-effective alternative to Scantrons. With this app, teachers can:

  • Print Bubble Sheets
  • Grade Multiple-Choice Tests in Real-Time
  • Look at Analytics of Class Standings

This app works on both standalone Kyocera multifunction devices, as well as desktop multifunction printers that can be used right there in the classroom. It saves your teachers considerable time by eliminating the process of manually grading papers, and it is also less prone to human errors. The best part is that the bubble sheets can be generated on standard paper, eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed media.

Solutions for Architects and Engineers

Heritage Business Systems gives you the printing tools you need to successfully execute your architectural and engineering projects. Technology plays a critical role in your operations, whether you’re designing buildings and highways or creating a prototype for the next product. Not only do you have large format documents to consider, but the sheer volume of documentation that needs to be given to the building owner can be a time-consuming ordeal. Document management allows you to streamline the process of storing documents and then routing them to the appropriate location. Our MFP devices can also automate your workflow and maximize your efficiency. Whether it’s wide format printers, scanners, or document management solutions, Heritage Business Systems gives you the tools you need to complete your projects under budget and on time.

Wide Format Devices

We carry a broad selection of wide format printers from the foremost leading manufacturers in the industry. Do your large format needs go beyond just printing? That’s not a problem. Many of our devices can come configured as MFPs (multifunction printers) that have the ability to copy blueprints or scan them into digital files for convenient sharing and collaboration. Why wait for a blueprint company to deliver your documents when you can print instantaneously on your job site? Heritage can help you bring your wide format needs in-house.

Solutions for Healthcare

Heritage Business Systems carried a large variety of products and solutions to help healthcare providers maximize their technology while staying fully compliant with government regulations. Our multifunction equipment will allow you to scan and send documents securely and effectively, while our managed print services will help you gain control of your printing costs. Document management, however, might be the biggest area where we are able to assist hospitals and healthcare companies.

The right document management solution can help you:

  • Meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations
  • Create scanning protocols that protect patient confidentiality
  • Cut down on your storage costs
  • Seamlessly integrate info into your EMR system
  • Simplify records processing and admission forms processing
  • Allows you to quickly retrieve data via patient name, ID, or medical records number

Meeting Compliance Regulations

Information security and privacy issues are at the forefront of any hospital or healthcare organization. Breaches of data or violations of HIPAA can bear serious repercussions, including legal penalties. Security breaches could also put the patients themselves at risk and damage the credibility of the healthcare provider. Having the document management system and scanning software in place can simplify the process of protecting your patient records while preventing unauthorized access. It’s also vital to secure your print environment with “secure printing” that prevents patient information from being left sitting on an unsecure printer tray.

Document Storage & Disaster Recovery

Does this image look familiar? The primary issue with patient information residing solely in paper format is two-fold:

  1. It clutters the office and takes up valuable storage space.
  2. It doesn’t account for potential disaster and loss of data.

What would happen if a disaster such as a fire or tornado were to strike your healthcare facility? Is your patient information backed up some place that is secure? We provide convenient scanning solutions to:

  • Improve Your Data Infrastructure
  • Tighten Your Security
  • Help Quickly Recover Files in Case of an Emergency.

Solutions for the Legal Industry

Managing large amounts of information is simply a way of life for law firms. Whether it’s case files, deposition transcripts, time tracking or billing records; managing your documents effectively is critical to your success. Inefficient document management processes can result in an increase of your operating expenses and increase the risk of having lost documents or stolen information. With document management systems from Heritage, you will be able to keep your client data secure and organized. Tracking your documents will also streamline the process of client billback. In addition, our scanning solutions will allow you to convert your documents to digital formats that can be processed, distributed, and retrieved quickly.

What You Need, When You Need It

Heritage Business Systems will provide you with the proper tools to maximize your technology. Our solutions will integrate your document scanners and multifunction devices with your case management software and streamline your entire workflow. A good document management platform should make your case files easily accessible, enhance collaboration efforts with other attorneys and litigation teams, and allow you to find the records you need quickly by using client name or docket number. Having the right tools to scan to automated repositories with simple file naming conventions can make the process of retrieving information much simpler. Whether you need searchable pdfs to be able to access information quicker or an app like Kyocera’s Accusender to send large document files via email, Heritage has the tools to help you increase your productivity.

Solutions for Manufacturers

Between producing packing lists, work orders, invoices and accounts payable/receivable, manufacturers produce a ton of paperwork on a regular basis. If your printing and document processes aren’t managed properly, it can cost you both time and money. As documents accumulate, they have potential to create bottlenecks or get misplaced when you need them the most. Heritage Business Systems can help you:

  • Locate Records Efficiently
  • Simplify the Process of Sharing Information
  • Save Expenses on the Storage of Physical Documents

Our document management solutions will help you find what you need and streamline the document process so that you can focus on more important agenda-items. Our award-winning office equipment will also give your company the right hardware to keep your business up and running.

Managed Print Can Help

A print environment that lacks accountability is destined to drive up overhead and result in wasteful printing practices. Managed print services will help you gain control over your print environment. Monitoring usage will create accountability that will result in a reduction of print volume. In addition, the process of ordering toner and supplies will be automated and all of your devices will be consolidated into one budget-friendly contract that’s easier to manage.