Solutions To Improve Your Workflow

Many businesses have stories of the company that sold them equipment and then disappeared. At Heritage Business Systems, we believe that being a technology partner is an ongoing process that requires a holistic approach. Our primary objective is to help you increase your productivity while simplifying your business processes. Gaining better control over your printing and document processes will improve your workflow, allowing you to manage your company’s information better than ever. We analyze each unique business environment to find ways to improve your document security, prevent excess printing, and index your files for quick retrieval.

Document Management

Document Management can take your business to greater heights by helping you manage your information more efficiently. The document management solutions we provide at Heritage will transform your paper documents into an electronic workflow that streamlines your business processes. Are you ready to tighten security, monitor usage, and automate your scanning processes? We’re ready to help!

Managed Print Services

office solutionsPrinting can be one of the largest hidden costs in the IT infrastructure of many companies. This is due to the fact that accountability is oftentimes not enforced, and resources such as ink cartridges and consumables for individual printers are not accounted for properly. We help companies evaluate and understand their true cost to print. Once we have a better picture of your current print environment, we then look for ways to optimize your operations and reduce costs.