Heritage Business is offering quality mailing machines for business

Mailing Machines

Regular mailing activities such as mailing out invoices, shipping out products, running back and forth to the post office, and managing postage for promotional items can be a time-draining task on your employees. FP’s selection of mailing machines and postage machines helps reduce the time spent on these activities and makes your office more productive. These mail systems provide automated options for tracking and reporting postage, calculating postage, and preparing your collateral in a way that save both time and money. Speak to one of our sales specialists to learn which device is right for you.

An Industry Leader

FP has set the standard for mailing machines for over 90 years, and the bar has been set high when it comes to creating innovative products and solutions. There’s a reason their devices are being used in over 230,000 mailrooms worldwide. Whether you have a small business, mid-sized office, or large mailroom, FP’s solutions are designed to simplify everyday business process and keep your operations productive.