Proven document, copier and IT strategies
for your legal office

Solutions for the Legal Industry

Managing large amounts of information is simply a way of life for law firms. Whether it’s case files, deposition transcripts, time tracking or billing records; managing your documents effectively is critical to your success. Inefficient document management processes can result in an increase of your operating expenses and increase the risk of having lost documents or stolen information. With document management systems from Heritage, you will be able to keep your client data secure and organized. Tracking your documents will also streamline the process of client billback. In addition, our scanning solutions will allow you to convert your documents to digital formats that can be processed, distributed, and retrieved quickly.

What You Need, When You Need It

Heritage Business Systems will provide you with the proper tools to maximize your technology. Our solutions will integrate your document scanners and multifunction devices with your case management software and streamline your entire workflow. A good document management platform should make your case files easily accessible, enhance collaboration efforts with other attorneys and litigation teams, and allow you to find the records you need quickly by using client name or docket number. Having the right tools to scan to automated repositories with simple file naming conventions can make the process of retrieving information much simpler. Whether you need searchable pdfs to be able to access information quicker or an app like Kyocera’s Accusender to send large document files via email, Heritage has the tools to help you increase your productivity.