Proven document, copier and IT strategies
for the healthcare industry

Solutions for Healthcare

Heritage Business Systems carried a large variety of products and solutions to help healthcare providers maximize their technology while staying fully compliant with government regulations. Our multifunction equipment will allow you to scan and send documents securely and effectively, while our managed print services will help you gain control of your printing costs. Document management, however, might be the biggest area where we are able to assist hospitals and healthcare companies.

The right document management solution can help you:

  • Meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations
  • Create scanning protocols that protect patient confidentiality
  • Cut down on your storage costs
  • Seamlessly integrate info into your EMR system
  • Simplify records processing and admission forms processing
  • Allows you to quickly retrieve data via patient name, ID, or medical records number

Meeting Compliance Regulations

Information security and privacy issues are at the forefront of any hospital or healthcare organization. Breaches of data or violations of HIPAA can bear serious repercussions, including legal penalties. Security breaches could also put the patients themselves at risk and damage the credibility of the healthcare provider. Having the document management system and scanning software in place can simplify the process of protecting your patient records while preventing unauthorized access. It’s also vital to secure your print environment with “secure printing” that prevents patient information from being left sitting on an unsecure printer tray.

Document Storage & Disaster Recovery

Does this image look familiar? The primary issue with patient information residing solely in paper format is two-fold:

  1. It clutters the office and takes up valuable storage space.
  2. It doesn’t account for potential disaster and loss of data.

What would happen if a disaster such as a fire or tornado were to strike your healthcare facility? Is your patient information backed up some place that is secure? We provide convenient scanning solutions to:

  • Improve Your Data Infrastructure
  • Tighten Your Security
  • Help Quickly Recover Files in Case of an Emergency.