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Solutions for Education

Schools face unique challenges when it comes to managing their documents and the overwhelming flow of information. Having reliable multifunction devices that produce sharp images is great, but it isn’t enough. As an education institution you need to control your expenses, protect your information, backup your data, and have authentication parameters set for your devices. And if your printing isn’t monitored, there is enormous potential for wasteful and inefficient printing practices to drive up your cost. Storage can also be an issue if your institution needs to keep records on past students for a pre-determined number of years. We understand the challenges that schools face and provide document solutions with educators in mind.

Improve Your Document Workflow & Security

An educational institution that lacks accountability is destined for issues. That not only holds true with the students but also with the printing practices of the faculty. Our document solutions allow users and departments to authenticate to their multifunction device in a number of different ways. The print and copy usage can then be tracked and regulated, depending on the parameters established by your administration. We also carry software and apps that allow you to scan and store documents to an online repository, reducing the need for paper storage.

Teaching Assistant

Kyocera has become an industry leader in software that will integrate with your device to improve your workflow. “Teaching Assistant” is an app that streamlines the grading process and serves as cost-effective alternative to Scantrons. With this app, teachers can:

  • Print Bubble Sheets
  • Grade Multiple-Choice Tests in Real-Time
  • Look at Analytics of Class Standings

This app works on both standalone Kyocera multifunction devices, as well as desktop multifunction printers that can be used right there in the classroom. It saves your teachers considerable time by eliminating the process of manually grading papers, and it is also less prone to human errors. The best part is that the bubble sheets can be generated on standard paper, eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed media.