Architects and Engineers

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Solutions for Architects and Engineers

Heritage Business Systems gives you the printing tools you need to successfully execute your architectural and engineering projects. Technology plays a critical role in your operations, whether you’re designing buildings and highways or creating a prototype for the next product. Not only do you have large format documents to consider, but the sheer volume of documentation that needs to be given to the building owner can be a time-consuming ordeal. Document management allows you to streamline the process of storing documents and then routing them to the appropriate location. Our MFP devices can also automate your workflow and maximize your efficiency. Whether it’s wide format printersscanners, or document management solutions, Heritage Business Systems gives you the tools you need to complete your projects under budget and on time.

Wide Format Devices

We carry a broad selection of wide format printers from the foremost leading manufacturers in the industry. Do your large format needs go beyond just printing? That’s not a problem. Many of our devices can come configured as MFPs (multifunction printers) that have the ability to copy blueprints or scan them into digital files for convenient sharing and collaboration. Why wait for a blueprint company to deliver your documents when you can print instantaneously on your job site? Heritage can help you bring your wide format needs in-house.