Optimize Efficiencies

Heritage Business understands that today’s economic climate is forcing companies to focus on ways to reduce costs, enhance overall efficiency and increase profitability.

Our approach to partnering with our clients starts with our 360° Assessment (provided by Heritage at no charge), which is a proven, transformative assessment methodology built on the following seven core areas that drive the alignment of all technology and business process initiatives:

In depth analysis to understand your corporate culture.

  1. Take Inventory of your technology and identify over and underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.
  2. Capture and analyze utilization data for all technology devices.
  3. Capture direct and indirect costs and understand the total cost of ownership.
  4. Review workflow and create Blueprints on how information flows currently.
  5. Examine current business processes.
  6. Study sustainability to help companies become more environmentally friendly and reduce paper waste.

The end result of this 360° Assessment would be Heritage working collaboratively with you to co-author a tangible solution to meet your company’s goals. Contact us for additional details on our 360° Assessment, which is our commitment to Excellence.